NHL 10 EA Sports

28 09 2009



  The new EA Sports game NHL 10 is a step into a virtual hockey world. In the older versions of the NHL series the game was manufactured for many different consoles, for example PS2,Windows.PSP and one of the systems I like the Gamecube. These are all systems the were great for playing NHL, now the new game NHL 10 is only coming out on the PS3 and Xbox 360. This is not fair for the people who do not have these systems and like the NHL series. People aren’t going to just buy another system to play their favourite game. I think the the next NHL game should be for at least Windows and PSP or I think that peple are going to loose money buying new consoles and games for high prices. So for next time I suggest to the game developers that they make a change to the number of consoles they make the game for.




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