The 2010 Brazilian football team

26 12 2007


 The Brazilian football team I say has to the best team I’ve ever seen!But in the 2006 Germany World Cup Ronaldinho was meant to be the best player in the World Cup,but some thing happend that day…. he just wasn’t the same person that shines in Barcelona.

  But he still has a chance to show his skill in the South Africa 2010 olyimpics.Until then we’ll still have to try explain what happened that night.

  Last year,Brazil had a great line-up starting with the Dida the goal keeper,Adriano,Roberto Carlos,Kaka,Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,Cafu,Lucio,Juan and Emerson.But in 2010 there’s going to be a huge change up in the line-up!I went to and I checked the line-up for Brazil in the 2010 olyimpics and Ronaldo wasn’t on it!I was really surprised because Ronaldo is such a good player.

  So as all goes, we wish the Brazilian squad good luck in the 2010 World Cup.




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