Sad ending for his World Cup

25 12 2007

Ronaldinhoworldcup2006According to the fans, the experts and the coaches, Ronaldinho was meant to be the best player in this World Cup Germany 2006. But he wasn’t. What’s more, Brazil disappointed their fans and lost to France with a goal scored by Thierry Henry.

Is there an explanation for such a fail? Honestly, we don’t know. I believe he is still the best player in the World, but something happened to him during “The Cup” and he just wasn’t the same player that shines in Barcelona.

He will still have another chance to prove he’s the best, four years from now, in the World Cup of South Africa. Until then, we’ll live trying to explain what happened that night, when Zidane was the best and Ronaldinho was just another guy running on the pitch.




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